Redefined Sustainable Thinking

"Combining innovative thinking of the youth with the mentorship of seriously experienced professionals to generate effective, resilient solutions"

REST is a thinktank with a team of young, passionate visionaries and seasoned, accomplished strategists coming together to partner with your organization to deliver tailor-made practical solutions, fast. Resting our approach on adaptability, cultural competency, empathy and intellectual curiosity, we have the capacity to deliver strong impact without compromising on sustainable solutions that value the needs of the communities we serve.

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Work Principle #1

The world is fraught with discrimination, inequality and desperation. Hence, whatever we do is full of compassion towards those who deserve it most to give them the feeling that they count, they are recognized, they are important and that they get an opportunity.

Work Principle #2

We believe making a commitment entails sacrifice. Our commitment binds us to a course of action, a promise, a pledge, or a firm agreement. To make a commitment, therefore, involves seriousness of disposition, sincerity of decision and steadfastness towards its completion. 

Work Principle #3

We believe that conviction is crucial in era poised with uncertainty. We derive benefits from our conviction - overcoming barriers to achieve equity, building resilience, and sparking passion - all lead us to deliver lasting impacts.

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