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Landscape Management Plan

Hurula-Kawdulla-Kanthale Landscape in Sri Lanka

Component 1 is Pilot Landscape Planning and Management of the Ecosystem Conservation and Management Project aimed at preparing two pilot landscape management plans for two selected sites in Dry Zone and Wet Zone of Sri Lanka. It is a novel approach that would address the land use issues widely occurred in the country which have been already leaded to many ecological, social as well as economic disputes in some parts of the country. It will also be a training exercise developing capacities of stakeholders required for producing an integrated plan resolving the environmental disputes in the selected landscape.

India National Vision 2035 Document

REST's focus is on the Himalayan and North Eastern States and the strategy that should be adopted

Currently putting together key policy issues and the strategies and frameworks to address them for the National Vision 2035 document for the Government of India (NITI Aayog).

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Past Projects

"Where we made it happen"

green papers

Resilience Measurement

for DFID-Nepal

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SDG Framework for India

Influenced the framing of a modified Social Protection Strategy for India to streamline its outreach in related with SDG1.

Community Leadership in Natural Resource Management

Organized a training for unemployed youth of Jammu and Kashmir to create awareness on critical issues concerning our ecosystems.

doing work together

Landscape Management Plan

Relying on transboundary governance between India, China and Nepal created a award-winning landscape management plan for the Kailash Sacred Landscape

green papers

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