"It's getting late to make it happen, we have to act now and act different"

We lie in a situation in which development investments have become a manifested “Run of the Mill” venture that self-serves itself while sustaining the status quo of problems to which we are associating within SDGs. In other words, billions of US$ invested also means millions of resource persons and jobs while we talk about the poor, disadvantaged or landscape degradation, pollution and plethora of issues that are galling our world. It is not contested at all that the world is not a better place than it was in the times of the Marshall Plan. We have conquered so much: diseases, poverty, gender discrimination, disasters, economic down-swings and so on but we have added a series of ills that will challenge us in generations to come: climate change, loss of biodiversity and traditional knowledge, rural-urban divide, mass consumption, and finally, our egos, attitudes and arrogance in the way we are handling our motherly planet.

-Lead Strategist


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